All that starts well ends well they say. We are proof that the statement is not just true, but accurate too.

We just marked the end of the first season that was coupled with challenges and successes but in the end we managed to inspire, entertain and educate.

We had an amazing line-up of guests from the first episode who joined us to share their stories and their insights about life and all through the season we got to learn more about various people in different industries.

It is safe to say that what you get to see and what you get to hear are totally different things.  The journey that most of our guests have had has not been all smooth, but, they defied the odds and made it into what they are today.

Here are some of the memorable moments we had with our guests on season one.

Heshan de Silva

Mark Maasai
Mark Maasai

Hopefully you didn’t change the channel while we were on break because, we were in the hot kitchen cooking you even much better, more insightful, more inspiring and more empowering stories.

Discovery Logo

We have discovered a whole new lot of other peoples’ stories which we know are amazing and they need not to be kept under wraps. So, we went ahead and brought these people in our studio and let them share their own stories. We believe the message is better delivered from the horse’s mouth that is why we bring these individuals to tell the stories, themselves.

This new season, expect more inspirational, motivational and entertaining content. We are on NTV every Saturday at 8 PM. Our list of guests is not your everyday household names but best believe it one you wish you get to see and hear more of.

Our first episode featured King Kafu, a rehabilitated burglar who get to share his story about his life in crime. Literally. Kafu was a lost boy, to say the least. In the interview with the hosts, he tells how poverty drove him to the edge to the extent that he joined a crime ring, stealing and harassing passengers and innocent members of the public. It got a point where he graduated into recruiting other youths into the crime life. At the point of awakening, he realized that it was either he changed or he would end up dead, just like a youth he had just recruited who was killed on the first day of the job.

King Kafu Thur

Kafu’s story is one among the numerous unreported cases. Recruitment into crime is a daily occurrence and if it is not tamed, a lot of our youths will get lost.

Thankfully, there are other individuals who have taken it upon themselves to see that less youths are getting radicalized. They have gone deep into the dark parts of the city and tried to pull these youths out of these pits.

The other guest, Robert ‘Rowbow’ Ochola is one of the individuals who have taken up this noble cause. He is responsible for rehabilitating and reforming the already recruited youths by ensuring that they have better and more decent lives. Rowbow’s story is virtuous and definitely worthy to be told.


We are hoping to bring you more of these great discoveries in this new season, so, stay hooked to Discover +254!

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