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Gordon Brown 3

NAIROBI, Kenya – September 17, 2015 – Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the United Kingdom and United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, will make a guest appearance on “Discovery +254” this Saturday at 8 p.m. on NTV. Brown joins the show to discuss his UN work to get every child into school and learning.

“I see every day children with huge potential, great talent, wonderful ability, who have been denied the chance to fulfill that potential,” said Brown. “The greatest thing we can do in the world is to give every child the chance to realize their talents, fulfill their potential, make the most of themselves.”

“Discovery +254” is a magazine-style television program, airing on NTV, which seeks to entertain, inspire, inform and connect with audiences across Kenya. “Discovery +254” brings in Kenya’s top personalities and celebrity guests to share their experiences, challenges and successes. Through celebrity guests, youth reporters and inspiring stories from across Kenya, young people, parents and communities see what can be accomplished with a good education and hard work – challenging youth to reach their full potential. The show also features youth roundtables in which young people from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria talk with each other about the challenges and opportunities they face in today’s world.

Saturday’s episode with Mr. Brown will be the finale of season two for “Discovery +254,” one of Kenya’s most popular television shows.

“’Discovery +254’ is an innovative and exciting approach to improving attitudes towards education, particularly where equal opportunities in accessing information and life choices are still a challenge for girls,” said Tony Gardner, DFID Kenya’s deputy head of office. “Communication vehicles such as this will provide a better future for students, families, and communities. We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Discovery, and to seeing the impact on youth and education within Kenya.”

“Discovery +254” is part of the Discovery Project, a unique public-private partnership between Discovery Communications (parent company of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, etc.) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to improve education opportunities in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. The project is being implemented by the non-profit Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA), which uses the power of media to transform education and improve lives in underserved areas of the world. Working in schools, communities and through mass media initiatives, DLA is impacting tens of millions of people.

“’Discovery +254’ exemplifies the power real stories have to inspire and transform, to show people what the world has to offer and what they have to offer the world,” said Tamela Noboa, managing director of DLA.

“Discovery Learning Alliance is pleased to be working with NTV to reach new audiences in Kenya, and grateful to Discovery Communications and the UK Department for International Development for this unique partnership in Kenya and through our sister programs, “Discovery +233” in Ghana and “Discovery +234” in Nigeria. We are especially pleased to work with Mr. Brown to promote girls’ education around the world,” said Noboa.

The livestream of “Discovery +254” can be watched here: http://ntv.nation.co.ke/live/.

About Discovery Learning Alliance
Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) uses the power of media to transform education and improve lives in marginalized communities around the world. DLA has opened new doors to learning in 16 countries. Its school-based interventions increase student retention, enrollment, attendance and learning, and importantly – student motivation. By building the capacity of teachers, DLA’s approach transforms classrooms and communities. DLA’s mass media initiatives address critical education, development and public health issues for tens of millions of people in the developing world. Through innovation and partnership, DLA empowers teachers, students and communities to achieve their full potential, because education changes everything.


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